Crowdsourcing: What does it mean?

MillionYou crowdsourcing platform helps brands anticipate trends, seek innovations, create modern, authentic communication, work out solutions, analyze problems and prepare ideas for implementation.

Crowdsourcing is a service that gives a unique opportunity to engage a wide group of people in creating new, unconventional responses to the biggest challenges of contemporary brands.

Creative solutions

Stories are what really moves us. Our creative community is thousands of copywriters, screenwriters, poets and people with a head full of ideas. Inspire them to create solutions, innovation or unique communication for your brand!

Fresh ideas

Every second millions of content pieces is generated on the Internet. Communicate differently! Stand out thanks to unconventional, original message and interesting materials. Involve our creators to create tailor-made content. Challenge the creative community and let them create movies, graphics and other materials for your brand.

What can we do for you?

We have completed over 100 projects for various brands in many sectors. We have received thousands of valuable ideas responding our clients' challenges.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we obtain valuable content in the following formats:

Completed projects - examples
video materials
ideas and insights for new communication and concepts of new instant products
creative works - photos, films and animations inspired by the new brand communication
creative ideas (including 150 films and 180 scenarios)
cities filmed as part of one campaign
Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka
graphic designs of hospital rooms’ ceilings
Szlak Nadziei
testimonies of the historical route of the soldiers from Monte Cassino
USP Zdrowie
films and scenarios for brand communication
A place for a project for your brand!
Facebook Live

Effective marketing strategy for 2019

Sign up for Facebook Live – 12.12.2018 at 19:00 more details we will send you by email. Learn how to create an effective marketing strategy for 2019 using Crowdsourcing! Jan Kasprzycki Rosikoń – the creator of MillionYou platform and Robert Kozielski – owner of questus - academy of training programs accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, will talk about this marketing strategy. Save the date and see you soon! Webcast available in Polish only.

How does it look in practice?

We carry out projects based on a 3-stage process. Its individual phases are each time adapted to the individual needs of the client and the nature of the specific challenge.

1 Briefing the community
(explaining the task)
2 Generating ideas
3 Analysis and transfer of materials
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